China – The Netherlands

China faces enormous challenges, amongst others within social and health care.

The leaders of Chinese social and health care institutions realize that due to the aging of the population, the internal migratory impacts and due to the emancipation of the younger generations a different managerial approach and attitude within the public sector are required.


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About the program

China and the Netherlands: almost impossible to compare, but also cultures with common grounds. These resemblances and (huge) differences form the pillars of our reasoning: One World, different Views. One connects on common ground. Focussing on differences enables us to learn.

From this philosophy we present a trainingprogramme for Chinese leaders in the public sector, especially for those working in the social and health care.

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Jan Booij, Thijs Vink and Joris van de Klundert are the three men behind One World, different views. All three of them with a fair amount of expertise in the field of leadership development, healthcare and interculturalisation.

They have, partly due to frequent visits to the country, developed knowledge and an insight with regards to the changes and recent developments in the Chinese urban areas. They are familiar with the local (social) healthcare domains.

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Jan Booij is the owner of Jan Booij Advies. He is a consultant in healthcare, in local and national administration along with commercial organisations that surround these areas. He supports the organisations to prepare and get ready for today’s and future requirements.

Jan Booij, Owner Jan Booij Advies

Thijs Vink is founder and owner of Changekitchen. As a change consultant he has built an big expertise in complex changes in the public domain. Thijs supports leaders in dealing with changes within and outside their own organisation.

Thijs Vink, Founder and owner of Changekitchen

Joris van de Klundert chairs the department of Health Services Managemant & Organisation, at the Institute for Health Policy & Management of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Joris van de Klundert, Professor of Health Services Management & Organisation



The program is a coproduction between One World Different Views and Erasmus University IBMG.