The Programme

China and the Netherlands: almost impossible to compare, but also cultures with common grounds. These resemblances and (huge) differences form the pillars of our reasoning: One World, different Views. One connects on common ground. Focussing on differences enables us to learn.

From this philosophy we present a trainingprogramme for Chinese leaders in the public sector, especially for those working in the social and health care. A training to deepen one’s own leaderships skills. To broaden one’s point of views, to gain insight in aspects of different leadership styles the leaders can make use of for their own benefit.

The Programme’s Basis

We are convinced that we can only be effective in a development programme with the knowledge of and understanding for the partcipant’s need/questions. And above all, understanding the whole context.

Our training is about reciprocity: questions and answers, exchanging (knowledge) between students and teachers. We aim to create a rich learning environment with room for awareness and reflection on one’s own leadershipstyle in relation tot that of others. We make use of our own knowledge and experiences, also obtained in China. Furthermore we use available and relevant research coming from Europe.


One World, different Views bases all training modules on one model. This model lines Chinese, European and American leadership paradigms up, side-by-side. In the training programme matters are being translated to a more personal level. We take into account the norms and values of each individual participant in relation to the dominant culture of the organisation and the cultural context with a focus on ‘WE’.

Each course is essentially about becoming even more aware of one’s own paradigm and accompanying behaviour. And to open up for and be fed with alternative points of view and possible other behavioral patterns.

Practical information

Each course is tailor-made with the participant’s questions in mind. A course usually takes a week. Language is English, we make use of professional interpreters. The courses take place in China or in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands they are linked to a ‘leadership in nursing’ course at the Rotterdam Erasmus University.

Development of the course was in collaboration with the city of Suzhou, Jiangsu province.



Jan Booij, Thijs Vink and Joris van de Klundert are the three men behind One World, different views. All three of them with a fair amount of expertise in the field of leadership development, healthcare and interculturalisation. They have, partly due to frequent visits to the country, developed knowledge and an insight with regards to the changes and recent developments in the Chinese urban areas. They are familiar with the local (social) healthcare domains.

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The program is a coproduction between One World Different Views and Erasmus University IBMG.