The Netherlands sets the tone

The Netherlands has acquired quite an (international)  reputation where social and health care are concerned and has always produced excellent scores in international benchmarks. This explains why the governors/directors/leaders/managers from the Chinese social and health care have expressed their wish and interest to learn from and with Dutch experts in the field.

China and the Netherlands emphasise the importance of cooperation herewith. There are many different ways in doing so and are already taking place, knowledge is being shared and ties are being strengthened.

The question

The decision-makers/CEO’s in China would like to obtain specific, practical knowledge and see best practices. At the same time they are definitely interested in leadership development. The specific question was to develop leadershiptraining. This resulted from close contacts and a good relationship with the leaders of longterm care in the city of Suzhou which the trainers had built up ever since the nineties. In cooperation with the Erasmus University Rotterdam Jan Booij, Thijs Vink en Joris van de Klundert have developed One World, different Views, an educational programme for Chines leaders in social and health care.

The wish

The main goal in developing the leaders is to connect with everything already available,  talents, existing point of views, skills, and tradition, and to add notions and experiences from the Dutch context. Or, to put it differently, China wishes to innovate and evaluate on the basis of proven and existing leaderships paradigms/models.

As far as we can see it is most successful when making use of the existing experience to work within the Chinese context and the trust to be able to actually contribute.

About the program

China and the Netherlands: almost impossible to compare, but also cultures with common grounds. These resemblances and (huge) differences form the pillars of our reasoning: One World, different Views. One connects on common ground. Focussing on differences enables us to learn.

From this philosophy we present a trainingprogramme for Chinese leaders in the public sector, especially for those working in the social and health care.

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The program is a coproduction between One World Different Views and Erasmus University IBMG.